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Datum: Jan 25, 2015 8:10 PM

How US companies Expand Internationally

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In the age of the Internet, it could be argued that there is less of a need for companies to establish a physical presence in new countries simply to establish access to and to service a new and larger customer base. However, the reality is that people still buy from people and ultimately this requires a physical presence in key target markets.


The United States’ early emergence from the recent economic downturn has meant that companies based there have been in a stronger position than many other companies in the western economies to consider and plan for expansion into new markets.


For US headquartered companies the most popular regions for expansion are Europe and Asia-Pacific. In Europe, the most popular destinations are the UK followed by Germany.

Entering a new market and establishing a physical presence there is a major decision for any company, regardless of its size. Expanding overseas is often a time-consuming and expensive process fraught with commercial and reputational risks.

The prime issue for US enterprises entering new territories is to find, hire and train the right staff. Not understanding the local culture when it comes to recruitment and addressing this lack of empathy.


The great advantage for a company looking to establish a presence in an overseas market today, compared with say 20 years ago, is that there are specialist firms that can assist in these areas, particularly in the early phases of territorial expansion. Selecting the right partner to represent and work with you in an overseas location is imperative.

Countries of interest: USA, Germany

Business Sectors: IT and Telecommunication Services

Topics of interest: International Markets and Globalisation


Datum: Jul 3, 2015 8:55 AM #1

Re: How US companies Expand Internationally

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Hello Mr. Weiss,

I have just come across your comments.

Let me elaborate on the point of “constituting a permanent establishment” e.g. in Germany.

As you outlined nowadays there are experts available to help make it happen.

U.S. companies, however, score that topic low in terms of getting professional support from local partners according to U.S. federal agencies.

There is definitely demand but misperception that it is hard to get.

Best wishes,

Michael von Hirsch


Datum: Nov 4, 2017 5:36 PM #2

Re: Re: How US companies Expand Internationally

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Mein Name ist Albert Henry Sokei von Halifriso Logistics Nigeria Ltd. Halifriso ist ein rein indigenes nigerianisches Unternehmen, dessen Geschäftsbereich internationale Business Brokerage und Entwicklung, Marketing und Promotion von Handels- und Investitionsdienstleistungen, Joint-Venture, Geschäftspartnerschaften und Alleinvertretungen usw. ist. Wir interessieren uns für ausländische Geschäftspartner und Unternehmen mit Interesse. in Afrika und besonders in Nigeria. Nigeria ist ein sehr großer Markt, sowohl für große Unternehmen als auch für jungfräuliche Märkte und Geschäftsideen. Mit dem Hauptziel unserer Regierung ist die Umleitung in Nicht-Öl- und Gas-Sektoren und die Suche nach privaten und öffentlichen Partnerschaften in andere Geschäftsbereiche und Landwirtschaft, Bergbau, Produktion, Immobilienentwicklung, Gastgewerbe, Luftfahrt und andere realisierbare Möglichkeiten
Wir öffnen Türen für ausländische Investitionen und Geschäftsangelegenheiten mit unternehmerischen Absichten und Programmen, um in diese große und schnell wachsende Wirtschaft zu investieren. Es gibt viele steuerfreie und staatliche Anreize und Zuschüsse für Sie und Ihr Unternehmen zu genießen, wie Sie in diesem großen Land investieren Nigeria ist die größte Drehscheibe für Geschäfte in Afrika und wir laden Sie und Ihr Unternehmen ein, in Nigeria zu investieren. In dieser Zeit des großen wirtschaftlichen Abschwungs ist es eine kluge Entscheidung, in Nigeria zu investieren und dort zu expandieren. Wir werden Sie durch die Integration von Unternehmen und Dienstleistungen in diese großartige Wirtschaft führen und gemeinsam mit Ihnen Ihre Träume von der Expansion in eine neue Geschäftsgrenze verwirklichen
Wir sind jederzeit bereit, uns mit Ihnen in jedem Teil der Welt zu treffen, um Ihre Geschäftspläne zu besprechen und Sie mit geeigneten Quartieren zu verbinden. Wir stehen auch zur Diskussion über alle tragfähigen Geschäftsideen und Absichten zur Verfügung. Wir bitten Sie, in diese schnell wachsende Wirtschaft zu investieren und das beste Ergebnis zu garantieren. Würden Sie mit uns bitte freundlich Kontakt aufnehmen müssen
Albert Henry Olisa Sokei
Managing Director
Halifriso Logistics Nigeria Ltd
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Datum: Nov 4, 2017 5:37 PM #3

Re: Re: Re: How US companies Expand Internationally

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My name is Albert Henry Sokei from Halifriso Logistics Nigeria Ltd .
Halifriso is a purely an indigeneous Nigerian company,whose business are international Business Brokerage and development, marketing and promotion of trade and investment services,joint-venture,business partnerships and sole agency representation etc.We soliciting for foreign business partners and business concerns with interest in Africa and particularly in Nigeria.
Nigeria is a very big market for both already big business and also a virgin ground for emerging market and business ideas. With the major aim of our government being diversion into non oil and gas sectors and seeking for private and public partnership into other areas of business and investment ranging from
Agriculture,mining ,manufacturing,real estate developments,hospitality ,aviation and other viable opportunities.
We are opening doors for foreign investment and business concerns with business intent and programmes for investing into this big and fast growing economy.
There are lots of tax free and government incentives and grants for you and your business to enjoy as you invest in this great country
Nigeria is the biggest hub for business in Africa and we are inviting you and your company to come invest in Nigeria.
In these times of great economic downsizing ,investing and expanding into Nigeria is a wise decision and we shall guide you through incorporating business and services into this great economy without any hitch and also partner with you into realising your dreams of expansion into a new business frontier.
We are ever ready to meet with you in any part of the world to discuss your business plans and link you to appropriate quarters.We are also available for discussion concerning any viable business ideas and intention
We implore you to come and invest in this fast growing economy to guarantee the best outcome.
Would you need to discuss with us kindly contact

Albert Henry Olisa Sokei
Managing Director
Halifriso Logistics Nigeria Ltd
+234 8060098881
+234 8099401999