FAQ and iXPOS Export Community Instructions

iXPOS -The German Business Portal welcomes you to its B2B community. In the free Export Community the Take a look at the following user instructions and find out how user friendly our portal has become.

User Profile

User profiles consist of two subprofiles: a personal profile and a company profile. Both profiles can be completed or updated by clicking the “edit” link next to each item.

Personal Profile

The personal profile contains the information entered during registration. While registering, you can choose your interests according to countries, business sectors, and themes. By first choosing a topic of interest from the selection lists available, you can start configuring your personalized start page. The customized start page will then show the latest business inquiries and forum posts matching your personal interests.

With the purpose of generating potential business contacts, your interests can also be viewed by visitors of your profile. Furthermore, you can also add keywords to your profile that are not included in the topic lists, in order to increase your traceability.

Your published business inquiries, your network and your status updates are displayed below your user profile. iXPOS partners can be identified by the “Partner” label located on the top right corner of their profile.

Your user profile is only visible to registered members of the Export Community.

Company Profile

With your personal profile, you can use all basic functions (forum, search, building a network, etc.) of the Export Community. A company profile is an optional extension of your personal profile.

Since we would like to offer our members a serious and reliable business community, the completion of a company profile becomes mandatory whenever you would like to publish a business inquiry.


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