Information about Baden-Wuerttemberg

Baden-Württemberg (BW) is Germany's third-largest state in terms of population and enchants visitors with the Black Forest, Lake Constance, and its spas, wines, and foods.  It is situated in the very southwest of Germany and shares a border with France to the west and Switzerland to the south.

Hidden behind this romantic picture, however, is a roaring engine of manufacturing and the world's export champion.

The region has relied on ingenuity and invention to get where it is today - at the forefront of global innovation. Although titans of industry are based in BW, thousands of small and medium-sized companies thrive here too and really drive the economy. Key industries include automobile manufacturing - as is fitting for the place where the motorcar was invented - logistics, manufacturing technology, health care, and mechanical-, electrical-, and electronic engineering.

The state devotes massive resources to keeping itself on the cutting edge. Roughly 4.8 percent of GDP goes to R&D, and the region files more patent registrations than any other state. There are also over 70 institutions of higher learning, including world-famous universities in Tübingen and Heidelberg, and multiple representations of world-class research organizations.

Business Related Sites in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Foreign entrepreneurs will find many state level institutions that offer helpful support for business operations.

The State of Baden Württemberg
The official website of the State of Baden-Württemberg is a first source of information on local matters.

Baden-Württemberg International
The business and location marketing portal of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

wpunkt (German only)
w-punkt is an initiative of the state government, which has committed itself to provide a concise guide through the economic development programs of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

State Website for Administrative Services facilitates the access to administrative services in Baden-Wuerttemberg and conveys information about authorities, services provided by the administration and administration processes as well as enable the online processing of administrative processes for citizens, companies and administrative employees.

Initiative for Start-ups and Business Transfer
Official internet portal for enterprise startups and corporate succession of the state of Baden-Württemberg. It provides sector, target group and regionally specialized information and services.

Promotion of Foreign Trade
Baden-Württemberg International stands by domestic and foreign companies, research facilities, universities, regions and municipalities as a ''first point of contact'' to help companies establish operations and cooperative relationships here and to assist with know-how transfer.

Point of Single Contact in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Picture shows Points of Single Contact; Source: BMWi

Source: Picture shows Points of Single Contact; Source: BMWi

Service businesses from EU Member States seeking for support with the German administrative procedures may address the local Points of Single Contact. These state run one-stop-shops will guide them through the necessary paper work.

If you would like to offer services in the state of Baden-Württemberg, the internet portal "service-bw" is your first point of contact. "Service-bw" provides information about the administrative procedures and the necessary requirements. Furthermore, this website connects you with the local Point of Single Contact in charge of your service profession and allows you to carry out the application as well as the approval procedures electronically. Available in German only (choose activity, then postal code or city):

The service of the Points of Single Contact is optional. Entrepreneurs may always contact the relevant authorities directly, if they prefer. Moreover, there are many institutions at the state level that may be asked for further support.


Facts about Baden-Wuerttemberg

Picture showing a map of Germany highlighting Baden-Württemberg | © Germany Trade and Invest

Area: 35,751 km2
Inhabitants: 10,716,644
Density: 297 inh./km2
Capital: Stuttgart
GDP: 438.27 bn. EUR (2014)

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