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The Federal State of Bavaria is situated in the very south of Germany bordering the Czech Republic to the east and Austria and Switzerland to the south. Bavaria is Germany's largest federal state in terms of size, and the second most populous with 12.6 million people living in an area of 70,550 square kilometers.

The landscape of Bavaria ranges from Low Mountain Ranges with lakes in the north alpine foothills to the Bavarian Alps in the very south. Here lies Germany's highest elevation, the ''Zugspitze'' with 2962m above sea level and the popular tourist resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Bavaria draws more tourists to Germany than any other state. They come to enjoy stunning alpine landscapes as well as cultural events ranging from Oktoberfest to Bayreuth's Wagner Festival.

The state boasts a unique identity developed over 1,500 years, a span of time that witnessed the growth of both traditional agricultural wealth and world-class manufacturing and service industries.

Manufacturing's dominance is matched by the strength of the service industry, as Germany's top insurance corporations and a number of major banking institutions call Bavaria home. These industries enjoy Bavaria's state-of-the-art transportation, telecommunications, and energy infrastructures. The almost 40 institutions of higher learning and more than 20 research centers also help keep companies on the cutting edge of their fields and make Bavaria a center of innovation.

This combination of hospitality, beauty, hard work, and high-tech has also made Bavaria one of Europe's strongest centers of economic growth in Germany.


Facts about Bavaria

Picture showing a map of Germany highlighting Bavaria | © Germany Trade and Invest

Area: 70,550 km2
Inhabitants: 12,691,568
Density: 179 inh./km2
Capital: Munich
GDP: 521.93 bn. EUR (2014)

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