Business Related Sites in Hamburg

Foreign entrepreneurs will find many state level institutions that offer helpful support for business operations.

The State of Hamburg
The official website of the State of Hamburg is a first source of information on local matters.

Hamburg Business Development Corporation (HWF)
We act as a service partner and main contact for any company wanting to expand, restructure or relocate in the Greater Hamburg Region. We see our role as a pilot who guides business interests through the ''jungle'' of public authorities and institutions. Our website is also designed to open up new paths for you and your business.

Wirtschaftszentrum Hamburg (German Only)

Nine local economic development agencies offer advice and financial support to investors and enterprises and start-ups in Hamburg.

HEI - Hamburger Initiative für Existenzgründer und Innovationen (German only)
The network of the startup initiative ''Hamburger Initiative für Existenzgründer und Innovationen (HEI)'', which embraces 130 partners, offers advice and individual support for a succesful  start to self-empoyment.

HSH Nordbank AG

HSH Nordbank is a strong partner to the regional business community in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is the centre of commercial self-administration and also asserts the interests of Hamburg?s business community in political and social aspects.

Hamburg Chamber of Skilled Crafts
The Hamburg Chamber of Skilled Crafts is a non-profit corporation under public law which provides a wide range of services to promote a strong and competitive skilled crafts sector in Hamburg and represents the interests of its members in politics as well as vis-à-vis the public administration.

Hamburg Tourism GmbH
Online travel guide of the Hamburg Tourismus GmbH.


Facts about Hamburg

Picture showing a map of Germany highlighting Hamburg

Area: 755 km2
Inhabitants: 1,762,791
Density: 2,312 inh./km2
Capital: Hamburg
GDP: 103.14 bn. EUR (2014)

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