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The Free State of Thuringia is situated in central Germany and borders the federal states  of Niedersachsen, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Bavaria, and Hessen. The Free State has a population of 2.3 million inhabitants and its capital city is Erfurt, where bio- and solar technology is flourishing.

Thuringia lies at the heart of Germany and Europe. Its cultural fame derives from the Weimar poets, Goethe and Schiller, but its craftsmanship is equally valued and far-reaching.  The mountains in the Thuringia Forest offer a backdrop for the German wonderful trails, the 160-kilometer long Rennsteig, which is ideal for hiking, cycling, and skiing in the winter.

The town of Jena is the birthplace of the modern optics industry and was chosen as a ''City of Science 2008'' for its expertise in lens manufacturing, medical and biotechnology, photovoltaic production, and software engineering. Other major economic focuses are engine construction, the tools industry, and the automotive supply sector.

Thuringia has had impressive economic momentum since Germany's reunification. In 2006, its economy grew by over 3 percent, and the manufacturing sector often attains growth rates of up to 10 percent. Its universities and research organizations put Thuringia's businesses on the cutting edge of innovation and supply them with the skilled workers needed to stay there.

Medium-sized businesses, in particular, thrive in Thuringia, and the state's government is making major investments over the coming years to build bridges between these businesses, research centers, and universities. Moreover, the region devotes significant resources to logistics to keep products flowing out, and to bring the world to the region's majestic forests dotted with castles and palaces.


Facts about Thuringia

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Area: 16,173 km2
Inhabitants: 2,156,759
Density: 134 inh./km2
Capital: Erfurt
GDP: 54.33 bn. EUR (2014)

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