German Language

German Language

Picture showing a mass of letters | © photocase

Source: Picture showing a mass of letters | © photocase

Ways to Learn German

Living and working as a foreigner in Germany is a great adventure - one that becomes even more interesting through acquiring German language skills. Courses of German as a foreign language are offered by many universities and institutes of language training around the world. They range in difficulty from everyday to university and/or business professional level German, based on individual needs and goals.

One prominent institute, which enjoys government sponsorship and engages in activities of intercultural exchange, is named after Germany's famous poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the Goethe-Institute. Its worldwide activities and its information about courses and workshops are available online. Other vocational training institutions, such as the Carl Duisberg Centren, a private institution providing foreign language instruction and intercultural training and the DIHK-Bildungs-GmbH, a specialized vocational training subsidiary of the German business chambers, offer professional training programs for business students.