Your Stay in Germany

Your Stay in Germany

Blue Sign with "i" and Arrowl | © iStockphoto Source: Blue Sign with "i" and Arrowl | © iStockphoto Germany is a member of the Schengen area. This area comprises a group of 25 European countries among which internal borders have been removed and where the free movement of persons is guaranteed.

Depending on a person's nationality as well as the length and purpose of a visit, a foreign visitor may require a visa or permit to enter and stay in Germany and the Schengen area. This section gives an overview of the different types of visas available and helps visitors find their way around, not only in the first few days in Germany but also throughout the rest of their stay.


Find out about the different types of visas and the requirements that foreign travelers must fulfill in order to enter and stay in Germany.


Getting Around

Check out the different ways in which international visitors can easily move around while traveling through Germany.


Business Etiquette Guide

Here you can find tips and advice about protocol, culture and manners to make your business in Germany a pleasant and successful experience.


Money Matters

Get an overview of the different payment methods available in Germany and the Single European Payment area.


First Aid

Before travelling to Germany, get informed about where you can get assistance in case of emergency during your stay.


German Language

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Find out about the different ways and places where you can learn the German language in Germany and around the globe.


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