Market Entry

Market Entry

Germany is a Member State of the EU. The Single European Market essentially means that goods, services, persons and capital entering Germany can circulate freely within the EU. Goods exported to Germany from a non-EU country are subject to customs, import regulations and must comply with the different requirements and standards.

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Tax and Duty

Imports from outside the EU must be cleared through customs when entering Germany. Find information about the customs procedures and taxes applied on products entering Germany from third countries.


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Import regulations

Compliance with import regulations is necessary in order to sell foreign products in Germany. Get an overview of the regulations that must be observed when introducing products to the German market.


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Norms and Standards

Products entering Germany from outside the EU must comply with the required norms and standards. Find the information that you need to make your products ready for sale in Germany here.


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Distribution Channels

Using the right channel to place your products on the German market is the key to success. Take a look at the different ways to distribute your products in Germany here.


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Point of Single Contact

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