Marketplace Germany

Marketplace Germany

Germany is the largest market in Europe with a population of over 82 million. It accounts for 20 percent of European GDP, and its population constitutes 17 percent of the total European population. Thanks to its central geographic location, Germany is the perfect place for companies hoping to tap into the European market's 500 million potential customers.

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Germany's exceptional location, its modern network of roads, railways and international airports make it the perfect hub for goods and services entering Europe.


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Federal States

Each of the 16 German regions has its own history and traditions. Find out what each Federal State has to offer to help your business succeed in Germany.


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Your Stay in Germany

Planning a trip to Germany? Here you will find useful information about entry requirements, getting around, business etiquette and much more.


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Exchange your experiences and discuss with traders and experts.

EU Service Market

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Information for European Service Providers.